Dukon-The Business App is a patent applied cross platform mobile application tailored to meet the ledger book requirements of almost all small & medium business owners.With Dukon app, businesses can ,track all credit / debit transactions of all customers & suppliers with ease by using its advanced tools to take photos of customers / suppliers & transactions ,take screen signatures , generate detailed reports , send transactional messages & get alerted about due payments.

XinX-The Information App is also a patent applied cross platform mobile application which eliminates the use of paper Warranty / Guarantee cards & brings a concerned products information such as manufacturer details , model details , seller detailed information with GPS location data , warranty/guarantee information , all owners information(if purchased from a reseller) ,etc to the tips of the users. Xinx also provides detailed reports about sold products & seller information to the authorities of Products Company. Xinx will revolutionise the way how the world used to access the Warranty / Guarantee information & product & seller information. Xinx also helps the companies to gain direct information about their products being sold in any part of the Globe. Xinx also bridges the gap between the law & order authorities & owner information of a concerned product.